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Archive with Art and Design Collection

At the art university in Halle, art and design are not only created but also preserved in archives. The history of Burg Giebichenstein – the most important art school in the 1920s alongside the Bauhaus, the most influential centre for the training of designers and craftspeople in the GDR, and today one of the largest art training institutes in Germany – is reflected in the contents of the university archive and the associated art and design collection.

The archive includes administrative and personnel files dating from 1900, certificates, printed material, newspaper cut-outs, artists’ dossiers, recordings of lectures, materials from artists’ legacies, thematic collections related to exhibitions, festivals, buildings, workshops, competitions, and much more. The image archive, which has well over 100,000 paper items, negatives and slides, documents artistic works as well as personal histories and events. The archive has thus become an essential resource for researchers all over Germany.

The Art and Design Collection now contains around 6,000 two-dimensional and three-dimensional works as well as some digital pieces. These works come from all artistic and design areas and disciplines at the university. The associated poster collection currently contains around 2,200 different items. The collection has been an important source for a range of regional and national exhibitions in recent years.

The variety of high-quality exhibits and the thematic links between all parts of the archive and collection have resulted in a unique collection that not only provides a distinctive view of the university, but also documents the history of Germany as well as that of art and design in Germany and, at the same time, serves as a source of inspiration for new approaches.

The aim is not only to preserve the past, but also to document the present and to integrate current projects and works by students and teaching staff into the collection.

The Archive with Art and Design Collection is open to all professors, staff and students at the university and also to all other persons working on academic or artistic projects.

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