200+ Tools for Making

Find more than 200 tools (online) for making almost anything.

BURG 200+ Tools for Making

MAKE. published an online Toolbox with more than 200 tools (!) for making almost anything at the BURG. If you are looking for tools or equipment that can press paper, bend metal sheets, laminate composites, or 3d print parts – then just browse through the visual overview or use the search box (in the top corner).

See „Toolbox (200+)“ at: www.burg-halle.de/make/toolbox

If you have any suggestions in making this more informative, more interactive, or more fun? Please write us at make(at)burg-halle.de.

For now, enjoy, and many thanks to all workshop technicians and a big thanks to Anne Martin and Clemens Schebiella for their support in getting this done.

A project by Burg gestaltet! Qualitätspakt Lehre“.