Accademia Riaci Art and Design Competition

The winner will be able to attend Accademia Riaci Master Course in Florence/Italy in his/her related field with exemption of the fees. Deadline: 30 September 2017

The aim of the competition is to contribute to the revitalization and internationalization of the entire Italian Art, Design and Crafts industries, by discovering new artists, fostering their talents, and in the meantime promoting the study abroad in Italy.

THEME 2018

Represent "your" Italy in any form of art

Competition Categories

Jewelry Making, Jewelry Design, Bag Design, Bag Making, Furniture Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Painting & Drawing, Illustration.

Target and criteria for participation

The competition is open to everyone, with no specific age or nationality requirements. The contest features the following 2 divisions for application submissions:

  • Professional Division - Designers/artists with work experience for 4 years or more, who want to refine their skills through a professional course at Accademia Riaci.
  • Non-professional Division - People with work experience for less than 4 years in the field; students of the same study area; people who want to study at Accademia Riaci; people who aspire to start up a professional career in the field


  • September 30, 2017: Deadline for Online Registration
  • November 30, 2017: Deadline for Entry Submission (photo data to be submitted via e-mail, etc.)
  • January 15, 2018: Final Result Publication
  • February 15, 2018: Due date for actual projects to be received at Accademia Riaci
  • Late April, 2018: Exhibition of Prize-winning Projects
  • September 3, 2018 - April 26, 2019: Prize-winners enroll Accademia Riaci

Online registration

Start by visiting our website from the link on the right to register your participation from the entry form.

How to submit

Please present a project based on this year's theme. Each project may contain up to 5 artworks. A participant can present as many projects as he/she wants.
Only the projects submitted by photo data shall be subject to the selection.
After the registration, send your project’s photo data and the necessary documents using the special online form (URL for this special form will be e-mailed to you after the registration.)

All materials must be accurately collected in a single portfolio, in the following order:

1. A CV/resume in Italian or English, with all necessary personal information (Please make sure to specify the followings: first & last name, nationality, street address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational records, job experience and Italian/English level.)

2. 5 images of each submitted project:

  • For two-dimensional works; photo data
  • For three-dimensional works; photo data, perspective drawings, original data (PDF or photo data) of plan/developed view drawings, etc.

3. Text (.doc, .rtf, .txt etc.) regarding the simple conceptual explanation of the project, in Italian or English (max. one page of A4 or equivalent sized paper), including its title, size, materials used, techniques applied and a brief explanation about how the inspiration for the project came to mind.

4. Portfolio of your previous major works/collections (only for those applying for Division 1)

  • Must contain color photo data of a minimum of 5 works, together with 1 sheet of type-written A4 text (must be readable) containing the information about all works in the portfolio (title, date of production, materials used and techniques applied for each work);
  • Number all works in your previous portfolio. Make sure your full name is also specified on each work.

Submission Criteria

Every participant must guarantees the authorship of his/her project, by assuring that he/she made the design himself/herself; Each participant can decide freely the techniques, styles and materials to use;

Size Criteria

Two-dimensional works: between A4 size (210×297mm) and A1 size (594×841mm), max. 30mm thickness;
Three-dimensional works: The length of 3 dimensions (length, width, height) added together must be 150cm or less, and weight must not exceed 5kg.
*After the selection, the winners will have to send to Italy the actual work(s) for the exhibition. (Such prize-winning works will not be returned to the winners afterward.)

Photo Data File Criteria

  • File format: must be in JPEG
  • Color Mode :RGB
  • No. of Data File:max. 5 data per entry
  • Data Capacity : must not exceed 10MB per data file
  • Image Size:640×480 pixels (can be vertically or horizontally long)
  • Resolution:at least 150dpi

Please note that up to 5 still images (no videos allowed) for each project can be submitted.


  • 1st place: the participant with the best project will be able to attend Accademia Riaci “Master course”- in his/her related field, with TOTAL exemption from the payment of the 2018 enrollment fee and tuition fee;
  • 2nd place: “Master course” at Accademia Riaci, with TOTAL exemption from the 2018 tuition fee;
  • 3rd place: “Master course” at Accademia Riaci, with PARTIAL exemption (8300 Euro) from the 2018 tuition fee; for enrolling it, it’s necessary to pay 8300 Euro (3000 Euro for enrollment fee and 5300 Euro for tuition fee)

Round-trip airfare, housing cost in Italy, course material fee and other fees/costs not mentioned in this Entry Guidelines otherwise, are not included.

Further information

Further information