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Course: Make Your Own Sketchbooks

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Make your own sketchbooks at the Burg Material collection

In this course, we help you to create your own thread stitched booklet. While doing this, you’ll get to know the Material Collection a little bit better and can “capture” several materials within your own sketchbook.

Please bring your own: Paper leftovers, Cutter, Cutting mat (when available), Stitching awl (when available), Scissors, Needle

Course Dates
13.12. – Wednesday from 16:00 –18:00 (Booked out)
14.12. – Thursday from 16:00 –18:00 (Booked out)

Participation is free of charge.
Registrations via: make(at)

Binde deine eigenen Skizzenhefte in der Materialsammlung

Im Kurs kannst du deine eigenen Skizzenhefte mit einer einfachen Fadenbindung herstellen. Gleichzeitig lernst du die Materialsammlung kennen und kannst die verschiedenen Materialien in dein Buch ‚einbinden‘.

Mitbringen solltest du: Papierreste, Cutter, Schneidunterlage (falls vorhanden), Ahle/Vorstecher (falls vorhanden), Schere, Nadel

13.12. – Mittwoch 16:00 –18:00 (Kurs voll)
14.12. – Donnerstag 16:00 –18:00 (Kurs voll)

Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.
Anmeldung unter: make(at)

Project photography: Benno Brucksch, Valena Ammon

Burg Annual Exhibition 2017

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 Burg Material – 100% Paper Experiments with Stone Paper Street art with Corn-Based Bricks BURGVELO 2.0

Dear Makers. We’re looking forward to this weekend’s Burg Annual Exhibition – also known as Jahresausstellung. MAKE. will be presenting four projects this year. Firstly, we are more than happy to present the first publication by the Burg Material collection with the title Burg Material – 100% Paper. The results of our „Material of the Month“ program featuring experiments with Stone Paper and a street art competition with Corn-Based Bricks. Finally, we have been working with a group of young design students to bring our university’s BURGVELO cargo bikes to the next level. All this is probably only 0,01% of what there is to see. In short, during these two exhibition days BURG is definitely place to be for all art and design lovers. – PS: Are you far and away? Then follow us at Instagram or Twitter.

Material Snack: Summer School by ThermHex

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2017_06_27 MATERIAL SNACK THERMHEXThermHex is a company based in Halle (Saale) with a clever way of manufacturing of honeycomb sandwich materials. Tuesday 27th, they will tell us more about their upcoming Innovation Summer School (24.–29.09.2017) focused on furniture design. Burg students, graduates and young startups – feel very welcome to join this short update at the materials collection!

Material Snack: Techtextil 2017 – This Tuesday!

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Material of the Month: Stone Paper

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Our first animated (and waterproof) GIF made of Stone Paper

Stone Paper
Stone Paper is considered a new generation paper being an alternative to traditional papers and plastics. Stone Paper does not contain wood fibers and is almost fully made of stone (Calcium carbonate) mixed with Polyethylene (HDPE). The material is 100% waterproof and is not affected by liquids such as water or oils. Stone Paper is manufactured out of waste and recycled materials and is Cradle-to-Cradle (Silver) certified.

Get your own piece of Stone Paper as long as our stock lasts!
– Location: Burg Material collection (Neuwerk 7, Library, 1st floor)
– Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14:00 – 18:00
– Online calendar:

Lecture: Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, this Friday!

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Poster Lecture Tjeerd Veenhoven RGB-SMALL

Material Snack: 3D Metal Print

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Plakat 3D Metall
Read all about the very first Material Snack at the Burg Material collection.

Wintersession 2016 – Apply Now For Workshops

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csm_Burg_Material_Scouts__Photo_by_Aart_van_Bezooijen_af216e65ae csm_schneiden_biegen_schweissen_Foto_Aart_7c616cf4af

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! The Wintersession is coming up with a lot of exciting workshops.

Also MAKE. is offering two workshops including „Burg Material Scouts“ on Tuesday 23.2.2016 (become part of our new materials collection), and „Schneiden, Biegen, Schweissen“ (get some hands-on skills with Pavel Majrych) from 16 – 19.2.2016.

Want to participate?
For these two workshops, please send an email to make(at) with (1) your name (2) study course (3) which semester and (4) matriculation number. Deadline for registrations: Monday 25.2.2016. The Wintersession is open for all BURG students.

Burg Material Scouts

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MAKE. lädt euch ein, Teil der Burg Materialsammlung zu werden. Während eines zweitägigen Workshops wird MAKE. euch das Konzept der Burg Materialsammlung vorstellen und die Rolle der Burg Material Scouts erklären. Der 1. Workshoptag ist ein interaktiver Informationstag und offen für alle Interessierten. Der 2. Workshoptag ist gedacht für diejenigen, die die ersten Material Scouts während des Wintersemesters sein wollen. Burg Material Scouts sind Freunde von MAKE. und haben Zugang zu / nehmen Teil an: Exkursionen/Workshops, Material of the Month, Materialdatenbank (u.a., Publikationen, monatliches Materialtreffen organisiert von MAKE.

Datum: Dienstag 22. und Mittwoch 23.9.2015Neuer Workshop Termin: am 23.02.2016
Ort: Burg Materialsammlung (neue Mediathek)

Zum Wintersemester 2015/2016 eröffnet die Burg Materialsammlung. Statt eines toten Archivs soll sie eine dynamische Sammlung von Studierenden für Studierende werden. Die neuen Burg Material Scouts sind eine repräsentative Gruppe Studierender aus allen Studiengängen, die mit MAKE. die Materialsammlung mitgestalten. – Was ist ein Materialsammlung? Wie sieht das Konzept der Burg Materialsammlung aus? Was haben wir vor?: Partizipatives Konzept. Was ist/macht ein Material Scout? Wie kann ich mich daran während des Semesters beteiligen? Was habe ich davon?

Questionnaire: Vision for Materials

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MAKE. is inviting all students and staff at the BURG to share their ideas and suggestions for the „Materials Collection“ at the upcoming Mediathek. Please get yourself one of those colorful postcards or download a digital postcard here. Note: This questionnaire ends at the 14th of January.