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Material Experiments by Christophe Guberan on March 31

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„Step 1: Design, Step 2: Print, Step 3: Watch“ This almost sounds like 3D printing? Well, it’s different, just see the Hydro-Fold video for yourself.

New inspiration for a new semester! MAKE. recommends the Jour Fixe this Tuesday, with industrial designer Christophe Guberan sharing his latest projects on new materials, technologies and processes. Read more at Jour Fixe.

Jour Fixe: Thomas Rentmeister

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MAKE. recommends the upcoming Jour Fixe with Thomas Rentmeister coming up this Tuesday for a bit of material extravaganza!

Video Tip: Firework Carpet / Happy New Year!

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With this explosive video by We Make Carpets – MAKE. wishes you all the best for 2015!

(we discovered We Make Carpets during the Materials and Making at the Burg exhibition at the Dutch Design Week 2014).

New (Material) Links

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The material collection at the ETH Zürich (photo) is part of the Swiss Material Archiv, one the dozen material libraries we visited last year during our material libary research in Germany, Switzerland and UK. We gathered a few of these libraries in a link-list, for you to search or browse what is available in the world of materials. So, if you are looking for materials or some background information, please see the new Links page with useful information. Did we miss any useful websites? – Just let us know by sending your suggestion to make(at)

Get Stuff: Fabric (Sales)

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DSC_0086 stoffverkauf

Video Tip: A ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors

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This film was made by Shaun Bloodworth for our ‘Steel Stories’ project. Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield is the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. The film documents ‘Putter’ Cliff Denton – literally a ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors. – via Core77

The dictionary of digital fabrication

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„The label “3D printing” is often used to cover all techniques enabling data to be turned into objects. Whereas there are actually any number of possibilities in terms of technology, materials and application. An overview.“ – You can find The dictionary of digital fabrication (or Das Wörterbuch der digitalen Fabrikation) at Stylepark.

Further articles (see below) on digital fabrication can be found at
– Industrial design in the postindustrial age by Stefan Diez
– Factory – everywhere by Thomas Wagner
– Beautiful printed world by Martina Metzner

Praktisch: Neuartiger lösemittelfreier Pinselreiniger

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Mikroemulsionen/ Pinselversuch/Abbeizer alte lösemittelbasierte Farbe – Vergleich links HR, rechts ME

Allein in deutschen Baumärkten werden pro Jahr rund eine Million Liter Pinselreiniger verkauft.
Um hierzu eine Alternative zu schaffen, wurde am Forschungs­zentrum Jülich zusammen mit der Firma Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG (Grafschaft-Gelsdorf) ein neuartiger Mikroemulsionsreiniger entwickelt. Der wasserbasierte Reiniger ist vollständig kennzeichnungsfrei und enthält keine Lösemittel. Die Komponenten sind leicht biologisch abbaubar. Darüber hinaus ist der Reiniger hautverträglich, pH-neutral und geruchlos.

Eine revolutionäre Formel, mit integrierter Pinselpflege für geschmeidige Werkzeuge. Greift weder Pinselhaare noch Gewebe, Holz oder andere Materialien an und verfügt trotzdem über hervorragende Reinigungs- und Löseeigenschaften. Löst problemlos hartnäckigste Verschmutzungen, z.B. wasser- oder lösemittelhaltige Farben, Lacke, Lasuren, Öle, Wachse, Fette und Ruß. Entfernt sogar Farbspritzer, Bitumen, Teer und die meisten Klebstoffe aus Kleidung. Ideal zum Reinigen von Spritzpistolen, Mischanlagen oder Druckmaschinen.

via DBU und mehr Infos unter

Find More Than 200 Tools (Online)

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We just published an online Toolbox with more than 200 tools (!) for making almost anything at the BURG. If you are looking for tools or equipment that can press paper, bend metal sheets, laminate composites, or 3d print parts – then just browse through the visual overview or use the search box (in the top corner). Many thanks to all the workshop supervisors and a big thanks to Anne Martin and Clemens Schebiella for their support in getting this done.

PS This online Toolbox if anything but perfect, so if you have any suggestions in making this more informative, more interactive, or more fun? Please write us at make(at)

Teilen macht Freu(n)de

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Check it out. Our friends at Burgsharing just launched their new website!
If your’re studying at the BURG and you got/need tools, materials, skills or help (?) then visit the Burgsharing website here.