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Moving Scent Box - Cover photo Moving Scent Box - Cover photo


Glass facade design
MEAG administration building

Moving Scent Box

Project description

A tram smelling of freshly cut grass drove one week long through the city of Erfurt. The art project, which was developed in conjunction with the Erfurt Transportation Services (EVAG), took place from 13 to 17 September 1999. It was part of an exhibition of the glass art department held at Kulturhof "Zum Güldenen Krönbacken" Erfurt.

Giving the interior of the tram a specific odour should lead to an unusual, puzzling or maybe mind-expanding experience for the passengers. The fragrance was applied by placing 17 scent boxes on various hidden locations throughout the carriage. Due to constant fresh air supply through open tilting windows and the opening and closing of the doors at stops every 2-3 minutes a homogeneous distribution was achieved. Labels placed at the doors and in the tram interior were used as additional referrers to inform the passengers about the event.

Photos of the location
First project sketch, spring 1999 (pdf file)
published in "immer", a catalogue issued by the glass art department (ISBN 3-86019-021-0)

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The event was documented by interviewing passengers, questioning primarily the perception matrix. Any questions about the art context of the event were rather secondary.

Interview clips

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The execution of the project was supported kindly by the following companies and institutions:

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