Daily Headlines

Wahlpflichtangebot, Experimentelle Typografie, Sommersemester 2010, Dipl.-Des. Nicolas Bourquin

In the academic process, students are used to spend months working on the same project. Sometimes it gets difficult to take decisions and to develop a position. In this 4-day-workshop we tried to bring the aspect of time into the decision-making process.

To enhance and accelerate the process of making decisions, the students were asked to work on one headline and topic per day (news, business, design and people). A printed headline was presented every evening. Colour and format were defined in advance.

The participants are forced to make quick decisions and take risks to realise a tangible product at the end of the day. Under time pressure, production parameters lead to spontaneous products. The results are less important than the actual decisions made during the day.

Nicolas Bourquin/ ONLAB