Der Geruch von Grün, Shani Nahum

WiSe 2020/2021, Textildesign ab 3. Studienjahr; Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann; KM Anna Gronemeyer geb. Schröder

Größe Textil: verschiedene Größen ca Länge 15 cm, Breite 20 cm
Materialien: Baumwolle, Wolle, Polyamid
Photo credits: Shani Nahum

My project begins with a story at my Grandfather's house in Israel. One of the strongest memories I have of the childhood in his home and even today is the rosewater perfume that he loved to use daily. He kept the bottle in the closet on the middle shelf, between his clothes but still inside a perforated plastic basket. All his clothes were drenched in that smell. Every time I smell this scent today I immediately remember him and his house in Jerusalem.

Since I live my life as an adult, who has his own room and closet, I am truly sensitive to my clothes smell and smells in general.  After I have moved to Germany, six months ago, and packed my clothes, I could not pack the familiar and beloved smell they had in Israel. The same scent in which reminds me of home and makes me feel comfortable, safe, and pleasant.

Following this story, I decided to focus on combining the scent of the rosewater from Grandpa's house and its blending in different types of fabrics. This working process involved developing a specific color palette, an experimental dyeing process of different fabrics along with the mentioned scent extract, and their combination by basic sewing.

By that, I tried to create a textile material that would remind me of the smell from my grandfather's house and the unique feeling of home that comes with it.

A major part of the project's inspiration came from the rose structure, which is built of layers and its colors.