Stella Geppert: „InsideT (collective)“, 2020 – jetzt online zu sehen im Rahmen von „Moving Images / Moving Bodies“

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Curated by Ludwig Seyfarth

Stella Geppert
„InsideT (collective)“, Ablutions of the Tongue, The Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark
© Stella Geppert, 2020

Stella Geppert

InsideT (collective), 2020

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"The investigation of the human body and the choreography of its movement, as well as the exploration of its somatic and psychic condition, play a central role in Stella Geppert's work. InsideT (collective) is a performance on a white ground in which three dancers follow the energetic and emotionally charged actions of the artist. Their patterns of movement are determined by costumes specially designed by the artist, which become a kind of drawing instrument. Tentacle-like strips hang from head to foot and have carbon rods attached to the ends. The dancers' bodies tumble, swing, turn, fall, touch each other and communicate with each other. Their actions result in traces of carbon on the white ground, which produce a – 'blind' and unconsciously created – complex linear drawing." (Beschreibung von