Information for course applicants


  • 1.  The general qualification for university entrance (‘Abitur’ in Germany) or another qualification necessary for admission to a university. In exceptional cases, this requirement may be waived due to exceptional artistic talent.
  • 2. Evaluation of particular, course-related artistic and design suitability. (-->Portfolio)
  • 3. Demonstration of course-related knowledge and technical-craft skills and abilities. (-->Suitability test)
  • 4. Proof of sufficient knowledge of German for foreign applicants.

Applicants have to demonstrate that they have a particular artistic/creative talent and suitability for their chosen course in the so-called ‘suitability test’, which aims to determine their artistic and design suitability.

The suitability test takes a total of three days and consists of preselection (viewing of portfolio; testing of drawing skills and creative abilities), the course-related practical exam and an interview. After the preselection stage, applicants whose submitted works and initial test results do not fulfil a minimum quality standard are rejected.

The required registration form must be requested from the Office for Student and Academic Affairs. Applicants will receive detailed information and documents here regarding the suitability test.

A completed university course is the prerequisite for advanced, supplementary and additional courses and for other further education programmes. Further information can be found in the relevant university and examination regulations.

If an applicant does not have or does not intend to obtain the German ‘Abitur’ school-leaving qualification, enrolment may only take place if exceptional artistic and design talent is demonstrated in the suitability test along with completed vocational training or several years of professional experience. (Higher Education Act of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, §34, University Evaluation Regulations, §10). The interview to be conducted as part of the main test procedure has a minimum duration of 30 minutes and will deal with an issue from the relevant subject area.