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Painting/Graphics ‘Diplom’ degree course, Prof. Christine Triebsch
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Initiation, concept, discourse

Eye + Spirit ÷ Spirit – Eye, Walter De Maria. The goal of this course of study is to develop students’ own individual personalities and artistic languages. The path to be followed here includes the acquisition of knowledge, skills and of the technical, craft, theoretical and practical fundamentals. Of central importance here are idea, concept and discourse. The selection of artistic tools and media is largely a free one. As long as making art is an indivisible and highly non-speculative life activity, artistic training will probably remain an initiation. Knowledge and skills are the tools of this initiation. The university is the site for this adventurous activity. Art education is the passing on of a secret from one person to the next. The prerequisites here are trust, respect, curiosity and, in all cases, a highly personal commitment.

Prof. Christine Triebsch / Peter Möller


Art Campus, Unterburg Giebichenstein (Lower Castle),
‘Pförtnerhaus’ (Gatekeeper’s building)
Seebener Straße 1, 06114 Halle


„Kurvenburg“, Kröllwitzer Straße 2, 06120 Halle
Hermesgebäude, Hermessstraße 5, 06114 Halle