M.A. in Photography

Master’s course, substitute Prof. Nikolaus Brade
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Photography (M.A.)

This master’s course is aimed at photographers, artists, art historians, journalists, curators … in short: at all graduates or applicants from areas of practice with a university degree who have and can demonstrate that they have a specialist or personal relationship with ‘capturing images using equipment’.

The programme of study in Photography teaches central skills for positions of responsibility in the art and media sectors and for photography-related projects on the one hand, and also gives students the opportunity to expand their own artistic/design knowledge on the other.

In the master’s programme, students consider the diverse facets of one of the central media of the 20th and 21th centuries. One focal point is joint work on individual photographic projects.

Components of the programme of study include advanced theoretical and practical composition, practice with analogue positive and negative processes, and skills relating to strategies and uses of digital photo management. The course of study is supplemented by lectures on the history and theory of photography and consideration of contemporary approaches.