Getting Started Workshops

We hold getting started workshops to convey the basics to students who want to work independently in the labs. The lab associates provide introductions to specific methods, show basic techniques, and explain key tools. Some of the workshops are prerequisites for working with certain tools, for example the robots in XLab or the sterile workbench in BioLab.

The workshops take place before the semester begins and afterwards, upon request.

We offer the following getting started workshops:


  • Research&Plan: Research strategies, databases, papers on research topics
  • Measure&Mix: Basics for biology/chemistry laboratories: weighing out, using pipettes, producing culture media and buffers
  • Grow&Cultivate: Basic of microbiology: cultivation and storage of algae/bacteria/fungi, general handling, maintaining sterile conditions
  • Extract&Harvest: Extraction and purification methods for DNA, proteins, fats, sugars
  • Manipulate&Model: Basics of molecular biology, DNA, PCR, theoretical genetic engineering


  • Life&Cycle: Life cycle assessment basics and its use in art and design
  • Speculations&Transformations: Introduction to speculative design, merits and dangers of critical interventions and frivolous utopias in the socio-ecological context


  • Creative applications of artificial intelligence (No coding required!): What does AI really mean? How can AI be applied in art and design? How can I work with AI myself (without having to code)?
  • Marvellous Machines: Introduction to robotics and their use in art and design

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