Experimental Game AG sucht Working Student Game Music (x/f/m)

in Halle (Saale)

Multimedia|VR-Design, Spiel- und Lerndesign, Grafik (Kunst)





9:00 - 18:00

Compensation 10€/hr

Work in a cross-functional team to implement and improve the sound layer in our interactive story-driven F2P mobile games, primarily the romantic comedy graphic novels of My Love.

Collaborate closely with our in-house Writers Room and Game Design department. As an integral part of our weekly story production pipeline, you will be responsible for selecting and integrating the perfect music score for two simultaneously airing visual novels. This means working within a set time frame and in line with production goals and schedules.

Extend our music library by selecting new music for upcoming visual novels that fit with our established musical score as well as story and characters.

Create a compelling and immersive musical setting that supports the story and game design of My Love across titles, thereby creating an experience that invites our players to explore our storyworlds time and again.

Implement the audio content into the story using with our storytelling software in coo

You’re studying Game Design, Sound Design or a comparable subject (e.g. Music in Film or Audiovisual Entertainment).

A background and passion for music and storytelling: the story and gameplay is your canvas, make it come to life with the music you add to the game!

The ability to present and document ideas and suggestions in a clear and comprehensive way in Sound Design Documents.

Strong proficiency in writing and good communication skills in English and German

A writing engine that’s developed for and by storytellers and storylovers from all over the world. We provide an excellent and flexible framework for game design in story-driven games.

A growing number of projects within other genres and games to explore in the future.

A diverse team with experience from a wide field of industries. Babylon Berlin meets Astronomy PhD.

A family-friendly and flexible work environment that enables everyone to have a healthy work-life-balance.

Über uns:
At Gamebook storytelling is our business – and our passion. Our vision is to provide a digital storytelling ecosystem empowering everybody to tell their stories. Our mission is to provide the knowledge and the network along with a toolset that is easy to use and comprehensive at the same time.

We achieve these goals by thinking out of the box and combining our web-based software with agile networks where we bring IT developers, producers, game designers, artists and authors together in way nobody ever imagined – all in one place. Since our foundation in 2010, this idea has driven us and our team has been continuously growing ever since.

Are you ready to join your story with ours?

It doesnt work completely without formalities.

When sending your online application, please attach your CV and certificate of enrollment. Also let us know your approximately end date of your studies. Citizens of countries outside the European Trade Union please send, if applicable, your residence / work permit.


Katharina Rullen


Der Career Service der Hochschule unterstützt Sie gerne bei Ihren Bewerbungen: Beratungstermine

Der Career Service der Hochschule unterstützt Sie gerne bei Ihren Bewerbungen: Beratungstermine