Power Plant

With Stella Geppert, Antonia Low and Tina Marie Nielsen
Curated by Henrik Broch-Lips at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark

Stella Geppert, Busk, Aalborg, 2018, Camera: Per Henriksen

Unlike the monumental industrial structures of the 1900s, of which the old power plant in Aalborg is an example, the infrastructures of today are usually kept out of sight. High-speed communications cables hidden deep under the seas transmit algorithmically controlled flows of capital and social interaction that profoundly affect both our bodies and minds. In this scenario, to keep insisting on inquiring into the world in an embodied way, and from the parameters of a specific location and its particular layers of material and social history, just like these artists do, seems even more necessary. (Lisa Rosendahl)


'Power Plant' is a Danish-German collaboration and exhibition project by Stella Geppert, Antonia Low, and Tina Maria Nielsen. Following several research tours in Aalborg to investigate the physical and symbolic properties of local energy production, these three seasoned visual artists have created works based on Kunsthal NORD's location in a former coal-fired power plant. From the material generated on these research tours, they have utilized these studies as both a an actual method and metaphorical basis for their own artistic production.

The title 'Power Plant' refers directly to Kunsthal NORD's former function as a transformer station. The exhibition investigates the artistic and aesthetic relationship to local and global aspects of the industrial age, highlighting, through this investigation, distinct historical and functional contexts.

Opening at: 4th of May until 17th of June 2018, at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark

Opening speech at 16:00 by Henrik Broch-Lips