Fabian Hütter

Artistic associate in BioLab of the project “BurgLabs”
Central Workshops (BioLab) und Designhaus, Ernst-König-Str. 1/2, EG, R. 006

Fabian Hütter is a trained interior decorator/upholsterer and studied industrial design at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. In addition to his work at BioLab, Fabian is currently founding the company Protegg, which specialises in the utilisation of the industrial residue chicken egg membrane as food packaging.

"New technologies and questions, such as those investigated in BioLab, can lead to doubts and possible corrections to conventional habits and to the understanding of the work of designers. I would like to present emerging disputes – be it on a technological, material or cultural level – in an appropriate way and make them tangible."