Jour Fixe: mischer'traxler – selected works

Am Dienstag, dem 21. April 2015, um 17 Uhr, stellen im Rahmen des Jour Fixe Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler vom mischer‘traxler studio aus Wien sich und ihre Arbeiten vor. Raum 103/104, Villa-Anbau, Neuwerk 7.

Katharina Mischer (1982) and Thomas Traxler (1981) form mischer‘traxler studio. Based in Vienna they develop and design objects, furniture, processes, installations and more, thereby focusing on experiments and conceptual thinking within a given context. Balancing between handcraft and technology, they envision whole systems, new production methods and kinetic or interactive installations that question topics, tell stories or open up new ways of doing things. Influencing and complementing each other, Katharina and Thomas examine, experiment, analyse and reject. Their results are often playing with uniqueness and some of their projects are poetic records that interact with the viewer and evoke unexpected reactions. By using their outcomes as well as a mean of communication, the studio tries to show that Design can be functional, good and beautiful not just in objects but as well in the
ideas they represent.

Die Veranstaltung ist hochschulöffentlich. Gäste sind willkommen.