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The University of Art and Design Halle does not charge tuition. The average cost of living and studying amounts to about EUR 600 / month. It is not realistic to assume that one will be able to finance the studies through part-time jobs. Applicants should be aware that strict regulations on work permits for students apply. The following costs have to be taken into account:

  • Studentenwerksbeitrag: obligatory fees for the „Studentenwerk“ EUR 70 / semester
  • Studentenschaftsbeitrag: fees for the student union EUR 5 / semester (or more if a public transport ticket is included)
  • Health insurance: health insurance is mandatory. Immatriculation as a student will not be possible without valid health insurance. The monthly rate lies at about EUR 70 / month for regular students
  • Housing: Rents vary depending on standard. Most students pay around EUR 200 / month. Information on student dormitories can be obtained through: Studentenwerk Halle; Wolfgang-Langenbeck-Str. 5, D-06120 Halle; Tel. +49 345 68 47 413 (
  • Bus, tramways: monthly pass about EUR 38.60 / month
  • Meals: Students may take their meals at the „Mensa“. A warm meal comes to about EUR 2.50
  • Costs for material: applicants should be aware that art and design are cost intensive subjects to study. Costs for material, field trips etc. may be substantial, especially towards the end of the program.

The School does not provide fellowships or grants. There are only very limited funds available for emergencies and through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). These funds are granted for a very limited time only and are entirely reserved for students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation during the last year of their diploma studies. Applicants in need of financial support should make arrangements while in their home country. Information on grants and fellowships can be obtained through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or the Goethe Institute in the home countries (

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