Student halls of residence or dormitories are run by the Studentenwerk Halle (student welfare organization). Rent for a single room is between 178 and 280 €. Since there are a limited number of spaces available, it is recommended that you send your application in early. Please use the application form online.

If it is not possible to find a student apartment, or you wish to find housing on your own, you can apply for the very popular shared accommodation in apartments (Wohngemeinschaften/WGs) where everyone has a room of his or her own. The best place to find available places for rent is on the bulletin boards (Schwarzes Brett), found in the entrances of many university buildings and cafeterias. You can check also the following web sites:

WG gesucht
Studenten-WG Halle

You can also rent privately a flat. It is strongly advisable to conclude a written tenancy agreement (Mietvertrag). The vast majority of adverts are genuine, but please be aware of scams and avoid transferring money in advance. The rent deposit must not exceed three times the monthly rent. You can check the following websites:

If the search for accommodation was not successful before arrival, staying in a backpackers’
hostel for a few days at a reasonable price is recommended. You can use the following links.

Youth Hostel Halle
Hostel No 5

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