This page is meant for useful websites and online resources on materials and making recommended by students, staff, and other material minded people including ourselves. Please send your suggestions to make(at)burg-halle.de and make the world wide web a little bit smaller…

Discover Materials
www.materialarchiv.ch – Archive for architecture, art and design (Swiss roots, free access)
www.materia.nl – Innovative materials for architecture and design (Dutch roots, free access)
www.instituteofmaking.org.uk – Great collection of extraordinary stuff (UK roots, free access)
www.materio.com – Collection of inspiring materials (French roots, paid membership)
www.raumprobe.de – Materials for (interior) architecture (German roots, paid membership)

Get Your Materials
www.boesner.com – Online shop for art materials, framing and books
www.modulor.de – Online shop for architects, designers, makers and crafts
www.wlw.de – Wer Liefert Was? – Find Suppliers (thanks Oliver)
www.materialsampleshop.com – Material samples in small quantities (thanks Erik)
www.offene-werkstaetten.org – List of open workshops all over Germany

Get Your Tools
www.burg-halle.de/make/toolbox – Overview of Burg’s tools and machines (thanks Michael)
www.burg-halle.de/burgsharing – Sharing platform for tools, materials and skills (thanks Juber)

Useful Know-how
www.ifixit.com – Das kostenlose Reparaturhandbuch für fast alles
www.instructables.com – A place to discover, share and document your creations
www.baunetzwissen.de – Das Online-Fachlexicon (thanks Anne)
www.designinsite.dk – The Designer’s Guide to Manufacturing
www.biobasedbouwen.nl – Bio-Based Building Materials Database
www.chemie.de – A very useful encyclopedia of chemistry in four languages (thanks Filipe)
www.sustainable-design-center.de – Publications on sustainable materials and design (thanks Nora)

www.worldofmatter.net – Art and Media Project on Materials and Ecology (thanks Bettina)