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Video Tip: A ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors

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This film was made by Shaun Bloodworth for our ‘Steel Stories’ project. Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield is the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. The film documents ‘Putter’ Cliff Denton – literally a ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors. - via Core77

Exhibition: Wood and Metal Sculptures

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workshop herbstsession 2014
Pavel Majrych (MAKE.) supported BURG’s art and design students in turning their ideas into two dozen wood and metal sculptures. Read more here or come and see for yourself!

- Friday 26.9.2014
- Opening at 14:00
- Location: Campus Neuwerk, BMW („Behind the Metal Workshop“ )

Workshop results
- Welding and Shaping with Metal and Iron Scrap
- Chainsaw Carving Workshop (powered by Stihl)

The dictionary of digital fabrication

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“The label “3D printing” is often used to cover all techniques enabling data to be turned into objects. Whereas there are actually any number of possibilities in terms of technology, materials and application. An overview.” – You can find The dictionary of digital fabrication (or Das Wörterbuch der digitalen Fabrikation) at Stylepark.

Further articles (see below) on digital fabrication can be found at www.stylepark.com
- Industrial design in the postindustrial age by Stefan Diez
- Factory – everywhere by Thomas Wagner
- Beautiful printed world by Martina Metzner

Zai Ski Factory Tour

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zai ski factory tour core77

Know Zai skis? One of their ski models even has a core made of stone, sourced from local mountains. ZAI’s research led to the development of carbon fibre stone (CFS)—created by wrapping stone in a special carbon fiber laminate, making it not only pressure-resistant but also flexible. Worth checking out! Enjoy the Photo Gallery: Zai Ski Factory Tour in the Swiss Alps at Core77, one of our favorite sites.

PS Does your dad build race cars? Visited a great factory yourself? – Let us know by sending an email to make(at)burg-halle.de

BA14: The Last Exercise

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MAKE. was invited to develop a series of medals for BURG’s Bachelor students. We created a limited edition of medals made of Polycaprolactone (Material of the Month) which were handed out with the official BA-certificate during the BA ceremony. This special medal for our Bachelor students comes with an special challenge called: “The Last Exercise”. You can read all about it at www.burg-halle.de/ba14

Material of the Month: Polycaprolactone

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Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable polyester being sold unter various tradenames such as “Protoplast”, “InstaMorph”, “ShapeLock”, PolyMorph”, “Plaast”, etc. The material feels like a tough, nylon-like plastic and melts to a putty-like consistence at only 60 degrees, easily achieved with hot water or air. It sticks to many other plastics and is famous in the hobbyist market for small scale modeling, part fabrication, repairing or rapid prototyping.

MAKE. presents Polycaprolactone in July 2014. Sample packs are freely available for all BURG students as long as our stock lasts.

Material Distribution Date

- When: Tuesday 01.07.2014, after the Jour Fixe: Michel van Dartel which starts at 19:00
- Where: Neuwerk 7, Villa, Room 103/104

Festivaltipp: Maker Faire Hannover, 5-6 July 2014

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Maker Faire Hannover 2014

Die Maker Faire ist ein familienfreundliches Festival, auf der das Basteln, Bauen, Erfinden, Experimentieren, Lernen, Recyceln, Inspirieren und Spaß haben im Mittelpunkt steht. Die Messe bietet Makern, Bastler, Tüftler, Hacker und Künstler die ideale Plattform, ihre Arbeitsergebnisse einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren und sich mit anderen Gleichgesinnten und auch interessierten Besuchern auszutauschen.

Neben den Ausstellungen warten viele interessante Mitmachstationen, ein spannendes Vortragsprogramm, sowie Workshops und faszinierende Experimente auf die Besucher. Im Vordergrund steht „Anfassen und Ausprobieren“. Die Besucher bekommen auf dem Festival die Gelegenheit für den kreativen, spielerischen und lustvollen Umgang mit Materialien, Techniken und Technik.

More information
Teilnehmer 2014: Meet the Makers
Impressionen Festival: Maker Faire Hannover 2013

Lecture by Pinar Yoldas: “An Ecosystem of Excess”

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Poster Lecture Pinar Yoldas 25.6 S

Artist and researcher Pinar Yoldas is invited by the GROW Art/Science platform to lecture* about her vision of an extreme, man-made environment of the future. Through a change in perspective, shoe points out the dangers caused by the plastics polluting the oceans while also creating a unique future scenario. “An Ecosystem of Excess”, this Wednesday 18:00 at the Institute for Chemistry (MLU).
Read more at www.burg-halle.de

* With an exhibition of student experiments with Beeswax (Material of the Month), and a preview at something new…

Materialausstellung in Berlin: Sustainable Design Materials

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In der Ausstellung Sustainable Design Materials werden vom 26. Mai bis 30. Mai 2014 im HAUTE INNOVATION Circle Werkstoffe präsentiert, die die biologische Diversifikation der Natur widerspiegeln, auf nachwachsenden Rohstoffen zurückgehen oder besondere Leichtbaupotenziale aufweisen. Wir zeigen einige der spannendsten Innovationen der letzten Jahre.

26.–30. Mai 2014, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Ort: HAUTE INNOVATION CIRCLE (Fidicinstraße 13, 10965 Berlin)
Kooperationspartner: VDID
Verbindliche Anmeldung bitte an: circle@haute-innovation.com

26., 27., 30. Mai 2014: 14:00 – 21:00
28. Mai 2014: 14:00 – 18:00

Eintritt: € 5

Materialausstellung und Abendevents anlässlich der Berlin Design Week 2014
Mehr Infos unter www.haute-innovation.com

Ringvorlesung “Vorbild Natur” an der MLU

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vorbild_natur2 copy vorbild_natur

Um einen Einblick zu geben, wie und wo die Natur als Inspirationsquelle dient, hat der Fachschaftsrat Biologie (MLU) eine neue Ringvorlesung organisiert. Vom 29. April bis 01. Juli könnt ihr jeden Dienstag den Vorträgen zum Thema „ Vorbild Natur” lauschen. Weitere Informationen unter www.fsr-biologie.uni-halle.de/ringvorlesung/ oder Facebook.

via GROW Art/Science