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Always wanted to play in a movie?

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Burg’s Werkstattfilm is about to be updated with new materials, new machines, new equipment, new information and… new actors!

If you want to be part of this Rosenpictures production, please read more information below and reply to our friends at halbetreppe(at)burg-halle.de. PS Nevermind the deadline, you can still apply :-)


Innovation Forum “Material Matters” in Bremen

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CCC_Material Matters_141022-EN.inddThe Innovation Forum “Material Matters“ aims to highlight and showcase inspiring, unique and innovative examples of material appliances from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland. Various disciplines are invited not only to network, but to learn from and to collaborate with each other in order to develop new ideas, products and services. This Innovation Forum “Material Matters” addresses stakeholders from the air- and aerospace industry, from maritime industries, logistics, wind energy, science and research institutions, as well as designers from different fields and the public.

Seven experts (including Burg’s Prof. Aart van Bezooijen) are going to introduce to their topics via lectures. The audience then is invited to join and take part in a discussion. Get together afterwards and enjoy inspiring talks, drinks and finger food. Feel very welcome!

Key facts
Date: Friday, 21. November 2014,
14:00 – 18:00 (Doors open: 13.30)
Location: Alte Schnapsfabrik / Raum 2, Am Deich 86, 28195 Bremen

Please register at info(at)brennerei-lab.de
More information at www.brennerei-lab.de

Material of the Month: Salt

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Salt is a mineral substance made of NaCl molecules, representing equal proportions of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). We invite you to explore the essence and qualities of this “White Gold” such as changing taste, absorbing water, growing crystals, rusting iron and more – what would you do with it? Salt (as powder salt, salt blocks or salt water) is freely available for all students as long as our stock lasts.

Material Distribution
- Date and Time: from 30.10. to 5.11.2014 (leave your name, serve yourself)
- Location: The “Salt Lab” at the volksparksalon (Burg Gallery).

Get Stuff: Fabric (Sales)

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DSC_0086 stoffverkauf

Exhibition: Materials and Making at the Burg

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We are more than happy that our students will be making their premiere at this year’s Dutch Design Week in The Netherlands. With the “Materials and Making at the Burg” exhibition we are showcasing 10 selected projects of our art and design students, and an inspiring preview of an upcoming collection of materials and techniques. With student works from Industrial Design, Ceramic/Glass Design, Interior Architecture, Conceptual Textile Design and Jewellery courses we are trying to reflect the educational panorama and diversity at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. Looking forward seeing you at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven from 18-26 October! PS If you are not in Eindhoven – you can read more about the student projects here.

Excursion: Saline Museum Halle

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We’ll will be giving a special focus on the material “Salt” together with Prof. Stella Geppert this semester. Feel free to join us for an excursion to the Saline Museum Halle and learn more about the role and importance that salt production played on the economic development of the city of Halle (Saale).

The excursion takes place this Wednesday 8.10.2014.
Read more at www.burg-halle.de

Video Tip: A ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors

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This film was made by Shaun Bloodworth for our ‘Steel Stories’ project. Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield is the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors. The film documents ‘Putter’ Cliff Denton – literally a ‘putter-togetherer’ of scissors. - via Core77

Exhibition: Wood and Metal Sculptures

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workshop herbstsession 2014
Pavel Majrych (MAKE.) supported BURG’s art and design students in turning their ideas into two dozen wood and metal sculptures. Read more here or come and see for yourself!

- Friday 26.9.2014
- Opening at 14:00
- Location: Campus Neuwerk, BMW („Behind the Metal Workshop“ )

Workshop results
- Welding and Shaping with Metal and Iron Scrap
- Chainsaw Carving Workshop (powered by Stihl)

The dictionary of digital fabrication

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“The label “3D printing” is often used to cover all techniques enabling data to be turned into objects. Whereas there are actually any number of possibilities in terms of technology, materials and application. An overview.” – You can find The dictionary of digital fabrication (or Das Wörterbuch der digitalen Fabrikation) at Stylepark.

Further articles (see below) on digital fabrication can be found at www.stylepark.com
- Industrial design in the postindustrial age by Stefan Diez
- Factory – everywhere by Thomas Wagner
- Beautiful printed world by Martina Metzner

Zai Ski Factory Tour

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zai ski factory tour core77

Know Zai skis? One of their ski models even has a core made of stone, sourced from local mountains. ZAI’s research led to the development of carbon fibre stone (CFS)—created by wrapping stone in a special carbon fiber laminate, making it not only pressure-resistant but also flexible. Worth checking out! Enjoy the Photo Gallery: Zai Ski Factory Tour in the Swiss Alps at Core77, one of our favorite sites.

PS Does your dad build race cars? Visited a great factory yourself? – Let us know by sending an email to make(at)burg-halle.de