Growing as Making: Online Symposium & Hands-on Workshops

by 24. August 2020

Save the Date for “Growing as Making” – This summer we have an exciting online symposium and two hands-on workshops coming up, as part of this year’s 2020 Summer School (“Herbstsession”).

21.9.2020 – Growing as Making (Online Symposium from 18:00 CEST)
An online symposium on the status quo of biofabrication. In dialogue with international speakers – Ruben Janssen, Micropia (NL), Maurizio Montalti, MOGU (IT), Julia Lohmann, Department of Seaweed (FI), Bernhard Schipper, Scobytec (DE), Filipe Natálio, Weizmann Institute of Science (IL) – we take a closer look at so called “living factories” to better understand this new materiality and its potential for art and design education.
More information and registrations at

Credit: Artwork Yusuf Etiman für das cx, Shutterstock/ bearbeitet durch MAKE.

21.9.–25.9.2020 – Wie Wachsen? (Szenarien-Workshop)
Im Workshop wird Wachstum im Spannungsfeld von Exzess, Exitstrategien und (nach)wachsenden Materialien untersucht. Eine hochschulübergreifende Kooperation mit dem cx centrum für interdisziplinäre studien der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Karianne Fogelberg). Gearbeitet wird in interdisziplinären und hochschulübergreifenden Teams von Studierenden.
Präsenzveranstaltung, Ort: Neuwerk

Oyster Mushroom Experiment

29.9.–1.10.2020 – Growing as Making (Material-Workshop)
Ein Hands-on Workshop der das Wachstum von myzelbasierten Materialien erforscht und die ihnen eigene Lebendigkeit als Ausgangspunkt nimmt um experimentell mit den Werkzeugen und Fähigkeiten von Künstlern und Designern, wie Formen, Gießen, Zuführen und Integrieren, zu arbeiten.
Präsenzveranstaltung, Ort: Neuwerk

Mehr Informationen und Anmeldungen unter make(at)

Das Symposium ist Ausgangspunkt für beide Workshops und hochschulöffentlich. Die Workshops sind für angemeldete Studierende.

Die Paludikultur-Residenzen starten im Tiny House im Greifswalder Moor

· by 17. August 2020
Tiny House, Residenz, Foto: Vreni Knödler

Erstmals ermöglichen das Greifswald Moor Centrum und die Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle zwei Burg-Absolventinnen in diesem Sommer eine Paludikultur-Residenz. Die Residenz soll eine künstlerische oder gestalterische Interpretation des Themas Paludikultur ermöglichen. Dabei liefern Wohnen und Umgebung Inspiration. … mehr

Internship: From Pollution to Product

· by 31. July 2020
Photo: The Ocean Cleanup

Few years ago, we supported The Ocean Cleanup crowdfunding campaign hoping this project would get the necessary critical mass in making a positive change. Today, this small initiative has become a big non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

But what will we make with the recovered plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? When we read about this call for interns titled “From Pollution to Product” we considered this worth sharing with you environmental minded makers, re-users and up-cyclers at the BURG.

“We are looking for an intern who can provide us with hands-on support as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

In short, if this is your kind of challenge and you are ready to do some creative work in Rotterdam (NL) for a few months: Read More Here / Apply Here Now.

Corona Update: Material Consultation

· by 12. May 2020
Photo: Burg Material Collection

Dear Burg Students,

we hope you are doing well!

If you have any questions on materials or processes, you can still reach us at the open material consultation hour.

Wednesdays between 10:00 – 11:00 via Skype
(max. 15 minutes)

Please send a short e-mail with your name and request to make(at)

Best regards from all of us at MAKE.

Prof. Aart van Bezooijen, Ulrike Mäder and Lorenz Ebersbach

Sustainable Packaging Symposium – February 24th

· by 4. February 2020
Invitation: Sustainable Packaging Symposium at 24 February 2020 at BURG

Get in touch with new materials and processes for more sustainable packaging design. Jan Berbee, Jasper Groefsema, Richard Hurding, Ayumi Matsuzaka, Marcus Moos with Michael Antons and Prof. Aart van Bezooijen – Read more at

Workshops: “UNBOXING” and “PALUDIKULTUR” at Wintersession 2020

· by 20. January 2020

This year’s Wintersession Platform MAKE. will be offering two material workshops. The first workshop focuses on hands-on work with Paludiculture materials sourced from wet agriculture and forestry on peatlands (see PALUDIKULTUR workshop). The second workshop is all about exploring bio-based materials to develop sustainable packaging prototypes (see UNBOXING workshop).

Those who are not able to participate in the material workshops are welcomed to join us on 19.2.2020: Lecture by Susanne Abel (on Paludiculture) and 24.2.2020: UNBOXING Symposium (on sustainable materials for packaging design). These are public events – no registration required.

PS: For a closer look at the investigations and (wet) material culture of peatlands, enjoy the video below featuring palaeoecologist Hans Joosten from the University of Greifswald.

Peatland expert and palaeoecologist Hans Joosten from the University of Greifswald

Lecture: Exploring the Structural Potential of Cast Glass

· by 9. December 2019