Platform for Materials and Technology Transfer


MAKE. was founded in 2012 as a platform for „Material and Technology Transfer for Art and Design“. Our goal is to create synergistic effects in interdisciplinary teaching and study courses using materials and technologies. In other words, we support people working together. In doing this we focus on hands on exploration of materials, learning by doing and of course the joy of making things!

This „special force“ on materials and making is part of a special program that calls itself „Burg Gestaltet! Qualitätspakt Lehre“, a national project which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. You can read more about this program (in German) at

Who we are
Materials and Technology Transfer for Art and Design
Prof. Aart van Bezooijen
Email: aart(at)

Creative assistant / Digital manufacturing
Michael Krenz
Email: michael.krenz(at)

Creative assistant / Digital manufacturing
Lorenz Ebersbach
Email: ebersbach(at)

Creative assistant / Digital manufacturing
Ulrike Mäder (maternity leave)
Email: ulrike.maeder(at)

(Materials) Database development
Sandra König
Email: sakoenig(at)

Student support (Helfis)
Valena Ammon, Benno Brucksch

Former MAKE. members
Oliver Reinecke (Creative assistant / Digital manufacturing)
Pavel Majrych(Metal Workshop Technician)

Former Contributors
Virginia Reil, René Braun, Carla Enchelmaier, Max Kimpel, Anne Martin, Clemens Schebiella, Kristina Heinrichs, Susanne Drechsel