manipulating materials – modifying technologies

The mastering of technologies and an intensive exploration of materials are firmly linked to the design process. This always requires comprehensive knowledge of the possibilities and limitations that each technology brings with it. 
Finding a creative way of dealing with these limits, consciously expanding limitations and understanding them as potential characterizes the process of ‘hacking’ and actually also that of design.
The aim of this project was to identify the limiting conditions of a technology, material or a habit and to manipulate, influence, adapt or modify it in an exploratory and meaningful way. Fixed process links were taken out of context, re-embedded and extended.
Step by step, we explored the topic through interdisciplinary workshops, fair and institute visits as well as lectures by diverse guests. 
The recognition of one’s own freedom in dealing with technologies, materials, behaviour, habits or even tradition as a conscious design method contributed to the development of surprising, innovative products, tools and processes.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Karl Schikora
Anja Lapatsch
level:higher BA and Master