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Eine Austellung ausschliesslich mit Papiermodellen


Supermarket of the Dead
Brandopfer in China und der Kult des globalisierten Konsums. Proposition III.
Eine Ausstellung von Wolfgang Scheppe mit den Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden
14. März bis 14. Juni 2015



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ABC 3D pop-up book

ABC3D is created by French artist Marion Bataille, also author of 10 and Numero. She’s known for her simplistic but effective style and minimal use of colors. ABC3D is one of the most popular pop-up books on Google and YouTube right now. Probably because it’s a pleasant mix of art and paper engineering packed in a small but striking book. A perfect introduction for those unfamiliar to the world of pop-up books.



Weitere Pop Up Beispiele …




12 Pop-Up-Skulpturen
von Peter Dahmen

Peter Dahmen ist Papierdesigner mit einem umfangreichen Portfolio sowie Tutorials zu verschiedenen Pop-Up-Faltungen.




How a pop-up book is made
Matthew Reinhart

While advancements in technology may have people constantly looking at their phones, pop-up books seem to withstand the test of time. Matthew Reinhart is a skilled pop-up book designer who has worked with a number of different brands that fans love, including „Game of Thrones,“ „Star Wars,“ and Lego. We spoke with Matthew about his work and all of the steps involved in creating one of his masterpieces. There’s a lot more involved than you might think.



Designing a Star Wars Pop-Up Book
Matthew Reinhart

Visiting the studio of paper engineer Matthew Reinhart, an award-winning designer of pop-up books including most recently Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy. Matthew shows his handmade pop-up prototypes and his process for designing the interactive pages of this new book.