a collaborative project with the aim of pitching and thus initiating a project
_to discuss the design possibilities for Corona issues
_to discuss the scope for action
_to test methods & procedures
_to understand design as initiator for processes & interactions

Despite the great uncertainty about how, if and when the semester will start during the corona pandemic, two things were clear to the whole group from the start: First, we did not want to carry out the full circle project as originally planned under the conditions of the lockdown, since it was designed for close cooperation with external institutes. Secondly, we wanted to address the many and varied problems of the corona pandemic. We needed a plan B – or rather a PLAN-C.

We therefore approached the topic in two one-week workshops. We collected, researched, sketched and sorted out various aspects of the corona pandemic and finally examined where there was potential for action for us as designers. The first workshop dealt with acute issues and problems, the second with the post-corona period. In both workshops a large number of tasks were finally described.

The next step was for groups of two to select one of the tasks and work on it over the course of half a semester*. 

However, since it is just as indispensable for issues relating to the corona pandemic to work together with various disciplines as it is otherwise, we decided not to put the ideas developed into practice – as is usually the case.
Instead, we wanted to develop a coherent concept of how such an implementation should look like. This offered the opportunity to make the methods and procedure more explicit than usual and to become more aware of the role of the designer. 

The focus of the PLAN-C project was therefore
_the development of a plausible idea using specifically formulated methods
_the design of a convincing concept for the implementation of the idea in an interdisciplinary context with the involvement of the users
_the communication of the idea and the implementation concept in the form of a video

The aim of the project was the participation in an imaginary video pitch. Here, potential users, any necessary sponsors and the necessary supporters should be convinced by the idea and the implementation concept.

* We used the other half of the semester for a theoretical discussion on the original topic – see sufficiency & circularity

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Karl Schikora
Anna Hoffmann
level:3rd year BA and Master