opens a bottle easily

Opening a water bottle is an everyday activity that you only become aware of when it becomes a problem. Thanks to its handy shape, HISCA (lat. “start opening!”) offers a simple solution due to its powerful leverage. A real relief for anyone who lacks strength in their hands. The screw cap is material-saving and designed for mass production by injection moulding. As with conventional bottle caps, the HISCA bottle caps are recycled by returning the bottle together with the cap to the deposit system. During the recycling process, the cap material polypropylene/high density polyethylen (PP/HDPE) is separated from the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) of the bottles and can be reused in its pure form for production.

For its convincing inclusive design, this project was awarded with the first price of the Hessian State Award for Universal Design 2018 in the category ‘young talent’.

student:Hannah Kannenberg