Material of the Month: Beeswax

by 22. April 2014

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. Due to inventions such as the light bulb and synthetic alternatives (Paraffin), beeswax has become a byproduct which receives little attention. We invite you to experiment with beeswax by casting, dip molding, ironing, embossing, screen printing, etc. getting to know its characteristics, (re)discover its qualities, and maybe find new or unconsidered applications for beeswax.

Material Distribution Date
– When: Tuesday 29.04.2014 from 16h-17h
– Where: Werkstattzentrum Textil (Entrance: Martha-Brautzsch-Str. 13-14)
(beeswax is freely available for all BURG students as long as our stock lasts)
– Special Guest: M.A. Julia Kortus ( who explored beeswax during her master project

Hello Beeswax / Goodbye Tyvek
All 25 participants of the previous Material of the Month (Tyvek) have been invited to bring and share their results – looking forward!

For those who missed the beeswax presentation due to the “Strei(k)t für vielfältige Bildung” demonstration today (thanks for joining) there is some beeswax available at the upcoming Jour Fixe 6.5 – see you there!

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[…] with an exhibition of student experiments with “Material of the Month: Beeswax“, and a preview at something […]

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Ren Ri Sculpts with Bees – Based out of Beijing, Ren Ri is an artist and beekeeper. Titled ‘Yuansu II’, his series features sculptures he collaborated on with bees. Cleverly using a method of chance, Ren rolled a die to determine the next position for the transparent plastic boxes every week. This guaranteed spontaneity and mystery in both party’s actions. Inside at the center of every structure, the queen bee resides while the worker bees build around her. A beautiful collaboration with nature while referencing the biblical concept of creation, Ren pushes the third dimension to ethereal heights. – Link:

Dani, thanks for the tip!

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