Gustav Weidanz Foundation

Gustav Weidanz, the person that the foundation was named after

Gustav Weidanz, 1889 – 1970

  • 1889 Born on 9 December in Hamburg
  • 1905–1908 Training as metalworker and metal sculptor, takes evening courses at the Craft School in Hamburg
  • 1908–1910 Attends the State Craft School in Hamburg, Sculpture department, under Richard Luksch
  • 1910–1911 Travels throughout Germany and the Netherlands
  • 1911 Moves to Berlin; Works under Franz Metzner and Ignatine Taschner on sculpture objects
  • 1911–1916 Attends the school of the Royal Craft Museum in Berlin, specialising in decorative sculpture under Joseph Wackerle; works with the architect John Martens on building ceramics
  • From 1916 Head of the newly founded sculpture class at the Craft School in Halle an der Saale.
  • From 1920 Establishes and heads the ceramics workshop at the Art and Craft School in Halle; Awarded the title of professor
  • From 1925 Head of the ‘Tile Ceramics’ class, Head of the sculpture workshop
  • 1933 Closure of the design class for sculpture and resumes as head of the Ceramics department and of the porcelain workshop
  • 1934 Apprenticeship for ‘Oven ceramics and porcelain’, teaches drawing, nude drawing and study of natural forms
  • 1942 Re-opening of sculpture class
  • 1958 Emeritus professor, extension of position for one year
  • 1959 Leaves Burg Giebichenstein at the end of the summer semester; Continues to be very active as a sculptor
  • 1970 Dies on 25 August in Halle