When preparing tea in a cup, one is confronted with the problem that the thread of the tea bag falls into the cup during the brewing time. You can hold it with your fingers or cover the cup to prevent the thread from falling into the cup. To solve this problem I designed the drinking bottle „STAIRS“. There are 7 steps with notches on the bottle, which serve to fix the thread of the tea bag. The size of the bottle is determined by the average amount of water needed for a 300 ml tea bag. Furthermore, the drinking opening was chosen big enough for a standard tea bag to fit through, which also contributes to a more pleasant drinking experience. To create the form, 6mm MDF boards were laser cut into discs and glued together, then the surface was sanded. Since the surface was still very rough after sanding, it was varnished. Then a silicone negative was made and this was then poured out with polyurethane in a rotation casting process. The colouring was deliberately chosen to be very wood-like in order to emphasize the healing effect of the tea.

student:Eunhye Bak