In what situation do standard drinking bottles reach their limits? How do I transport my drinking bottle, in which situation?

Mobile phone, wallet, pens – everything can be quickly stowed in your trouser pockets. Why not the water bottle as well? The U-drinking bottle is designed for just this situation.
A simple, quick transport in the city or on a walk is thus possible in the back trouser pocket. No annoying carrying of the drinking bottle in the hand. The U holds 300 ml of water and can be refilled without any problems. Its shape is clear and simple. Fundamental for the design was the claim to mono-material and no use of add-ons. Derived from the use there is a partition in the middle, which gives the bottle the U-shape. So one part of the bottle is in the trouser pocket and the other part is visible outside the pocket. The bottle thread is a standard thread and also the caps are reused.

student:Edda Rabold