Not only smokers know it: lighters tend to be used as toys because of their shape, size and feel. Often you catch yourself or others as the lighter moves from one hand to the other, turning and bobbing. Lighters that are made of transparent plastic with a partition wall that separates the liquid gas reservoir in the middle into two parts are particularly „playful“. The attraction here: either equal levels in both chambers or „everything on one side“.
This is the design basis for Tide. A bottle made of translucent plastics with a partition wall in the middle of the bottle. In addition, a hole was made in the partition wall. If the bottle is now used, moved, drunk from it, the levels in the chambers change. If the bottle is set aside, the levels are continuously equalized again. Thus the bottle stands stable, you can drink from it like from a normal bottle and the tidal range effect is as fascinating as the lighter.

student:Ferdinand Hintz