Throwing away, recycling, or questioning this system?

Some products live forever, are even passed on from generation to generation. Others have a short life, are not used a second time and end up as garbage instead. Only rarely an equivalent product emerges from them. But is a long life always the better one? Are there -applications and situations where disposable products are more sensible, more sustainable and even better than durable products? We made it our task to develop deliberately short- life usage concepts, which are still, or precisely for this reason, sustainable. With external partners, we compared concepts, materials, services and application scenarios and assessed them with regard to their sustainability. We developed new conceptions and sensible scenarios for products that are surprising – not just because they are designed to be discarded.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Anja Lapatsch
Karl Schikora
level:higher BA and Master