a sledge made of ice and snow

From the idea of shortening the lifespan of a sledge to its actual service time, two solutions emerged. The use of ice and snow limits the existence of the products to the time and place of use.

The sleigh bag
The sleigh bag is perfect for a hike in the snow. It can be carried up the mountain almost un­noticed in a pocket. At the top, it is unfolded and filled with snow. At the end of the track, the bag is emptied and fits back into the pocket.

The sledge made of ice
Fill the reusable moulds with water. Add fir needles to the water for rein­forcement (e.g. from a Christmas tree). Put the moulds in the freezer.
When it is cold enough outside, assemble the individual parts and connect them with water. After sledging, the sledge can be left behind at the end of the slope.

student:Martha Sophie Kikowatz