social sustainability

This project deals with the aspect of social sustainability. Activity packs help you on your path towards a healthy mind by harmonising you with yourself and the environment. Every pack includes instructions and materials necessary for a certain choreography. Every pack concerns itself with a topic of mental health. Every user makes his/her own experiences. We act from the assumption that every human being needs to be at peace with themselves and their environment to be able to turn towards their planet and their fellow human beings with true empathy.

Smartphone, # 1

Activity for 2 persons
Take one of your smartphones. Pack the smartphone carefully with the padding foil and rubber band. Stand opposite each other, foot to foot. Person 1 gives person 2 the smartphone and then walks one foot backwards. And vice versa. This process is repeated. If the distance is too far to hand over the smartphone it is thrown. Define a number of handovers before the ­action begins. The aim is to achieve them. For more fun, skip the padding foil.

Connect, # 2

Find a quiet place. Take your smartphone. Clear your upper body. Now attach the smartphone to the middle of your chest with the gauze bandage. Stand up straight and feel the weight of the phone.
Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly.
Take in what is good in your relationship. Let go of the burden. When you feel balanced, value that feeling.

We are connected. I feel the balance. You exist through me.
Then slowly loosen the gauze bandage and the smartphone from your chest.

Bury, # 3

Buy a frozen chicken from the 20 € at the supermarket. Find a quiet place. Use the stick to dig a hole, in which the chicken will fit completely. Now place the chicken in the hole. Cover the chicken with the excavated earth.

I bury my guilt,
my guilt is buried here.

Value, # 4

Find yourself a tidy table. Take the 5 € note and place it in front of you. Look at the note as it lies there. Choose one end of the note.
Draw on the note, line by line, with the marker until it is completely blackened. Set each stroke consciously. Do that on both sides.

I devalue you now,
to see what you’re worth to me.

Carrying, #5

Find a quiet place. Spread out the cotton sheet. Weigh the sheet down with the four stones. Now put everything you have with you and on you onto the sheet. Take your time to find the right space for every item. Now lie down, naked as you are, with the items on the sheet. Take as long as you need. After you are more than you have, stand up. Look at your belongings for a while. Now roll up the sheet with the items inside. Grab it at both ends and lift it up as high as you can.

This is what I carry,
I am more than I have.

student:Kevin Strüber &
Max Michael Stalter