information with an expiry date

Verblasst is a speculative concept that focuses on temporary information within the context of advertising in public space. It plays with the idea of generating information through the medium of light. The focus is on surfaces which are coated with photochromic pigments. As a result, advertisements and offers can be projected onto these surfaces. The exposed areas change their colour – like exposed photographic paper. Yet, after some time the information vanishes again. The surface is ready to be exposed again.

To formulate our concept, we asked two questions: What if the fading could be slowed down and the information vanished after one day or one week? What if we could adjust the kind of light the pigments react to? Both are not yet possible with standard photochromic pigments but technically not impossible.

The idea is visualised in form of a short video clip.


Valena Ammon &
Edda Rabold