a project for the appreciation of wool

This project focuses on redefining the value of ­mountain sheep wool in South Tyrol. Rewollte strengthens the ­authenticity of South Tyrolean sheep’s wool in properties, variety and almost forgotten applications, thereby creating a new perspective and appreciation for unused wool. The material properties can act as a mediator to the body. I ­intend to rediscover the traditional use of wool as a curative effect of skin to wool contact. Self-healing properties are activated. By using an application tool, an adapted jigsaw, people are able to customise the product in accordance with their body. For a better distribution and accessibility of this tool, fab labs are part of the project. Discover and experience the haptics of wool.

The project took place in collaboration with Theresa Bader, student at Free University Bozen, Italy

The idea to adapt a jigsaw for wool felting originates from the designer Adam Blencowe. Here it is developed further to suit health applications in fab labs in South Tyrol.

These prototypes are health-promoting body tools made of raw wool. The prototypes are supposed to relieve complaints for which raw wool has already been used in the past. All prototypes are realised with the adapted jigsaw tool.
The patch works against coughs when applied to one’s chest or against bruises on muscles.
A blackroll is a product from the occupational therapy and fitness sector. These are mainly made of plastic. Since there is a lot of body contact to the products, I see the needle felt with its properties optimally used here.

Manifest by Melissa Fröhle

student:Melissa Fröhle