experimental biocomposites from one’s own kitchen

The experiment as a principle.
After a theoretical insight into different industrial bioplastics and composite technologies, the students used “household resources” to produce bioplastics according to different given recipes. In combination with natural fibres, this led to lightweight but stable and unusual structures that were used to design a stool.
In experiments with different recipes and structures, the students explored the special properties of composites in terms of lightness, construction and aesthetics in their own kitchens (working at the university was not possible due to corona). The combination with textiles and textile structures gave the biocomposites an unexpected appearance. The resulting stools were lightweight, surprising and, above all, self-cooked.
Along the way, various chairs that have made history due to their production and material were researched and presented in short presentations with their respective designers.

supported by:

Prof. Mareike Gast
Anna Hoffmann
Larissa Siemon
level:1st year BA (short project)