experimental biocomposites from one’s own kitchen

In our compact week “this is not a stool” we dealt with the development and fabrication of a stool made of self-produced bioplastics and folded textiles. At the beginning we tested different recipes to create a matrix that is as stable as possible. Among other things, we used corn starch, gluten flour, gelatine, casein and glycerine in combination with water. As fabrics we used dried grass, leaves, paper or cotton cloth.
After some experiments we chose a composite of nettle fabric with a cornstarch-water matrix. A lamella pattern provides stability on the stool. Due to the vertical arrangement, the seat is supported by the cured lamellas.
In the finished chair, the lamella form both the outer surface and the seating surface by being turned inwards. In the middle of the seating surface, the lamella are sewn together in a circular pattern. 


Marvin Alexander Robert
& Daniel Kurt Boehm