new life for old clothes

The NeLe stool shows that a two-dimensional material can be turned into a three-dimensional construction that is both stable and light. It also demonstrates a conscious and sustainable use of resources. One material that is available unused in many households is worn-out clothing. In order to give them a new life, a suitable process was developed. The cotton jersey fabrics were cut into narrow strips and processed according to a special crochet pattern. By adding starch-based bioplastics and stretching the crocheted piece to its final shape, a sustainable stool was created. 
The piece of furniture attains stability through its six legs, which end in a wide supporting surface. The technique of crocheting made it possible to adapt the shape to the load and thus achieve an optimal distribution of force. Strongly loaded areas could be strengthened, unloaded areas loosened. Thus as little material as possible was used optimally.


Henrike Kaiser
& Danni Bai