On Your Own

When imagining the future of hairdressing, it is plausible to think that due to decreasing numbers of young talent, either only very high-cost-services or low-cost-service will be available. People seeking a haircut would therefore need to empower themselves in order to keep their hair individually styled.
The classical tools that every hair-dresser uses on their clients are scissors, comb and razor. This project proposes a modified version of these tools in a way that the client can use them on their own hair. The movement of the hand is directly transferred to the function of each tool which is kept in place by a ring attachment.
The comb serves as an aid for sectioning the hair and guiding the scissors. When not in use, the comb can rest on the thumb. When cutting hair, it is easier to rely on the natural perception and tactile feedback of the hands. Therefore the scissors are placed in between the index finger and the middle finger. After the cut, or to touch up untidy neck hair, the razor can be used. The exchangeable blade is placed parallely to the length of the index finger.
These tools allow cutting hair in a way that one can rely on the sense of touch rather than the sense of sight. This makes the client less dependent on a sometimes confusing mirror image.

student:Johanna Abendroth
project:urban mining – urban tooling


by Johanna Abendroth

2030, Germany – hair is still growing. The gap between high-end, individualized but cost-intensive hairdressing service on the one hand and standardized, cheaper services on the other hand has grown apart. This forces clients to make a decision.

Karina takes off her robe, smoothes her shirt and takes a look in the mirror. She is exhausted. She went through the case files all day long. The counterparty’s lawyer is intelligent, eloquent and known for his razorsharp reasoning. Karina knows that she cannot afford any mistakes with her client tomorrow. It is all the more important that she prepares well for tomorrow. Urban mining – a survey after 20 years. But she does not want to keep her head occupied with these thoughts.
Now is the time for preparation and this includes not only the facts but also her appearance – and her fringe that has become way too long. Unfortunately, she had not managed to find time for an appointment with Tom. How well she could use the head massage, soothing scents, pleasant music and nice conversation with Tom right now! But there is no time to complain. Often enough she watched as Tom took on her hairstyle. Today it is her turn. The stainless steel scissors are in the bathroom cabinet. She does not need more than this little pair of scissors to feel fresh again. She stands in front of the mirror. Her strict hairstyle from this morning has been holding up well. The scissors pinned on middle and ring fingers, she begins to cut the pony. Tomorrow will be a good day. How easy this works, her thoughts while here hand movement is translated into the movement of the respective tool.
Same city, same time. Levi is annoyed about his short haircut. In his head, he puts a little red x next to this hairdressing salon. The second x already, for this one. He knows the game. He and his cousin usually go together, every three weeks. Because his hair grows so fast, it looks unkempt at the nape and around the ears. He does not like it. Until now, he was happy to pay a little money and try out the city’s cheapest Barber shops.

Today, however, he got stuck with a really terrible barber. He had had a feeling that this would not end well. The barber had made no effort, as feared. Already during the consultation he had felt that the barber was not really listening. Well, it would grow again. This at least had not changed in the year 2030. Levi thinks about it and decides that he would cut his and his cousins’ hair from now on. After all, he knew what they liked. And he would save the money for better things to spend on. It couldn’t be that difficult once he had a beard trimmer, a razor and a pair of scissors. He would try.
100km away sits Natalie, 16 years old. She lives with her parents in a modest three bedroom apartment in the most desolate residential area of the town. She hears her neighbors arguing upstairs. Ma is busy next door. Ever since Pa lost his job, he just sits on the sofa without ever saying a word. Natalie has no siblings. She cannot wait to finish school and leave this stultifying environment once and for all. The lack of perspective of the inhabitants, the dirt and the monotony between television, beer cans and tastelessly furnished apartments – she could puke. Natalie wants to go out into the world, see something, be someone! But there is no money for her dreams. Even things like going for a drink, new clothes or a visit to the hairdresser are unaffordable for Natalie. Her parents have no money. The Internet is her only refuge. She loves DIY videos about almost everything and especially the ones about hair inspire her. Natalie always knew how to help herself, and if a hairdresser was not an option, well then she would cut her hair herself. It was convenient that the scissors that a Y-tuber had recommended were rather cheap. So far, the scissors had stayed sharp and were really easy to use. The smallest size fit perfectly on her slender fingers. She could hold her hand to her head at any angle, which really proved to facilitate the coordination of the cutting. She slowly drifts off into her dream world while combing the tiny curls and cutting them into the spherical Afrolook again. She is happy at the thought that they would be perfectly in shape after washing.