Adapt Your Features

Norm is a series of small tools to help you get closer to your ideal face. With three applications, you can shape your nose, cheeks and lips yourself and decide how strong the change should be. The instruments can all be used by yourself and without medical supervision.

Standardized Faces
Striving for individuality slowly gives way to the desire of a common norm. By 2050, beauty standards will become even more relevant and define how we take part in our society. The trend is strongly moving in the direction of unification due to various factors such as the mixture of different ethnic groups increasing, face filters on social media platforms, or globalization in general, to name a few. People strive for optimization in all areas and by standardizing the systems, exchange and improvement is even better possible in our globalized world. Adaptation to a general norm began much earlier in other areas such as different industries or currency. But also the own body and face are becoming more and more optimized. Since the tools are not used by a physician but by anybody, each person can decide for themself how far to align to the norm. 

The three tools are made of stainless steel, making them easy to clean and sterilize before and after use. With the help of an app and video tutorials, the correct handling is taught. If the tools are no longer in use, they can be returned to the manufacturer for proper recycling.
n1 straight is a blade adapted to the nose which you simply drive over the bridge of your nose to achieve a straight nose
n2 define makes the cheeks and jawbones appear accentuated on the outside by pulling on two piercings on the inside of your cheeks
n3 full can help you to emphasize your lips. The tool is placed on your mouth and the air is inhaled, the resulting vaccuum causes the lips to swell

student:Wayra Aguilar
project:urban mining – urban tooling

Healthcare or Selfcare?

by Wayra Aguilar

By 2050, telemedicin and self treatment in general will have become common practice. Living in either overpopulated cities or rural wasteland, the application of self treatment or its use can widely vary.

Kira screams, it bleeds like crazy, her screams get louder and louder, the blood runs down her arm, drips along her clothes. A few seconds earlier, Kira had come up against a sharp thorn in the tree while harvesting apples. The wound is deep and gapes apart. The cut hurts like hell, „hopefully no tendon is injured,“ Kira worries. She lives in the countryside with her family, there is no medical care system outside the megacities anymore, let alone the next doctor or hospital is more than 100km away. Kira and her family have long been exotic country dwellers, because life takes place in the cities. A vicious circle started many years ago. The people moved to the cities, the cities burst at the ir seams and the shops, doctors‘ surgeries and supermarkets also went with the people. But city life was never an option for Kira, „the masses of people, of garbage, of influences make you sick,“ Kira always says. Awakened by the loud scream, her partner hurries up. In his hand he holds a wound stapler. Available at healthcare stores. It was specially developed for lacerations, stab wounds, bite wounds and burst wounds. Healthcare has benefited from the dying of the country and has further processed the many scrap metals left behind in order to manufacture medical hand tools for self-sufficiency for those left behind. It hurts iso badly when Zaid puts on the wound stapler and pushes down. After a few minutes the throbbing becomes less and the pain subsides. Kira can think clearly again. „Oh no, the pie! Hurry, turn off the stove,“ she calls. Tomorrow Kira‘s parents-in-law and her sister-in-law will come by to visit. Like entering another world, it feels to Zaid‘s parents every time they go out to the countryside to visit Kira and Zaid.

But Kira and Zaid also find much of their behaviour, values and habits strange. Last time Zaid’s father proudly presented his new footpad implants. Implants, especially for old people with weak feet, which you can easily order on the internet to insert them yourself with a syringe. The implant particles then connect to the foot tissue and function as a kind of cushion. This lasts a few weeks until the body has broken down the molecules again. But this time Zaid’s sister Jarine should top everything with her visit. Dotted with the apple pie, she presented Kira with a small gift box, touted with the words „You have to try this, I‘ll explain to you how it works“. But when Kira opens the box, there‘s a scraper-like device in it that she can‘t identify. When she asks for the exact meaning, Jarine snorts and can no longer stop laughing. „You really don‘t know what this is? This is the n1 straight. it is from the1‚ norm series‘ . From now on you can do your own rhinoplasty, With this blade you can do the surgery completely by yourself, depending on which nose shape you want I also have different attachments“. Kira looks horrified, she gets a little sick. „It‘s very simple, I learned all that on an app, you don‘t even need a doctor for that, look here I show you…“ says Zaids sister and shows Kira a video from that app. Apparently there are three little funny tools in total, which like Jarine explains, are used to perform a nose operation on their own, but also give your lips more volume by causing a purposeful swelling around your mouth. But what Kira finds the strangest are some kind of braces that you put under your tongue and then hook into two piercings on the inside of your cheeks. So you get two special piercings, then wait about 6 to 8 weeks for the healing process, only to then be able to hook them into braces, which let your cheekbones look enhanced. Kira is flabbergasted: „you‘re crazy, Jarine!“