A Tool Manufacturer in Remscheid – 2.4.2019

Hazet manufactures durable tools for professional use that can be found in car repair shops and other professionals as well as well-equipped amateurs’ workshops. Today, the majority of the business consists of custom-made products for the automotive industry, because new special tools are needed for every vehicle generation and the electric car in particular requires a large number of additional tools. 
In Remscheid, Hazet produces the tools by die-forging. Approximately five hammer blows per tool are necessary to shape the glowing blank. Some geometries even require the use of two dies in succession. 
Hazet operates its own tool and die shop with an extensive range of CNC processing machines.
The tools are provided with a chrome-nickel coating in an in-house electroplating process and are therefore very resistant to oxidation as well as physical and chemical influences.

Thanks to Günther Rützler for the guided tour