Wednesday 25th at 18:00, Lecture by Pinar Yoldas - „An Ecosystem of Excess“

Cross-disciplinary artist and researcher Pinar Yoldas is invited by the GROW Art/Science platform to lecture about her latest work.

GROW Lecture - Pinar Yoldas

GROW Lecture - Pinar Yoldas

Pinar Yoldas ( is a cross-disciplinary artist and researcher who is investigating social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. She will be lecturing about her work including the latest project „An Ecosystem of Excess“ which envisions a future with post-human life forms.

Inspired by the discovery of plankton-like microorganisms that inhabit the surface of plastic marine debris and develop new ecosystems in the oceans, An Ecosystem of Excess imagines complex life forms that grow and thrive in an extreme, man-made environment. Pinar Yoldas's ecosystem of excess is not merely a bleak vision of the future of our environment; it is a testimony to an optimistic belief in the renewal of all life.

Lecture: Wednesday 25th at 18:00
Location: MLU, Institute for Chemistry, Room 401
Kurth Mothes Strasse 2 (Weinberg Campus)
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