Plastic Arts ‘Diplom’ degree course, Prof. Daniel Kruger
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Ideas in a small format

Jewellery is a small object which in one way or the other can be attached to clothing or the body as an ornament. Jewellery reflects the time in which it is made, how people see themselves, there opposite and how they understand their environment. It makes ideas tangible, it gives pleasure.

Classical goldsmith techniques provide the student with the insight and understanding of the small format and the function of jewellery.

Traditional jewellery shows us the origin of jewellery and its place in society as a demonstratively representative symbol through to a private memento.

Our aim is to transcend traditionally handed down skills and methods of the craft, to investigate what is happening in the contemporary jewellery world, to redefine contents and aims and to perceive what is happening in other art forms.

Prof. Daniel Kruger


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