Design Fundamentals

Training in fundamental skills at the Design faculty

Stimulating lateral thinking and fresh thinking

Design Fundamentals deals with the general phenomena of design. Nurturing the development of design thinking is one of the aims of the investigations of surface, body and space that are conducted here. Shapes and colours, materials and surface textures, surfaces, lines, graphic structures and light – these factors which influence the senses are studied in terms of their relationships with each other. The goal is visual design with a very diverse range of appearances against the background of subjective experience. Reality and abstraction form the framework within which the possible solutions to the tasks posed are located.

Interactive and integrated project installations are another significant component of the investigation of design. Fundamental experiences with elementary means of expression are tested and applied in these installations. Interdisciplinary work and juxtaposition clarify positions and open up an intelligent discourse that extends beyond the boundaries of individual subjects and fields. This overlapping and networking of various disciplines creates the model for a basic structure that allows for short excursions into other fields and which stimulates lateral thinking and fresh thinking.