Postgraduate course in the Art faculty

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Aims and duration of the postgraduate course

The postgraduate course in the Art faculty aims to provide a deeper, broader artistic and design qualification as a follow-on to the professional qualifications of the ‘Diplom’ degree courses in art and design offered by universities and other third-level colleges. This course is available in Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Metal, Ceramics, Textiles, Glass, Jewellery, Book Art, Media Art and Fine Art.

At the core of this postgraduate course are either more detailed aspects of a given discipline or else multi-disciplinary aspects with the possibility of combining the entire spectrum of education and training available at Burg Giebichenstein. The goal is that students will discover new modes of design and expression and carry out conceptual artistic, design and scientific experiments that help to develop their artistic and design skills or else deal with relevant theoretical approaches to design activity, and which also contribute to the development of art and design overall. The standard duration of the course is four semesters, including the final examination.


The prerequisite for admission to the postgraduate course is a degree from an art university or from a course that is comparable to those at Burg Giebichenstein at another university or third-level institution.


Students are entitled to submit their own applications for the postgraduate course. Applicants may also suggest a university professor or lecturer of their choice as a mentor.

Application deadlines

The application deadline for the postgraduate course is 15 June for the following winter semester and 31 December for the following summer semester.


Students of this postgraduate course who successfully complete the final examination will receive an official certificate.

Awarding of the title of ‘Meisterschüler (Master Student)’

Students who perform particularly well in the Art faculty can undertake a course of study that leads to the title of ‘Meisterschüler (Master Student)’, which is awarded by a professor at the university in consultation with the Art faculty council. This course is conducted in the form of a postgraduate course. So-called ‘Meisterschüler (Master Students)’ receive a certificate for this title and, once they have presented their final project, an official certificate.

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