The course

Master’s course in Multimedia Design

Aim of the course

The master’s course in Multimedia Design investigates the ‘sandbox’ of innovative digital strategies and technologies. What is compulsory here is to explore new territory, to shape tomorrow’s developments today, and to progress and develop based on solid foundations. Our aim is to combine ‘new eyes’ with ‘advanced technologies’ in a creative manner. This master’s programme fosters the development of design personalities who combine excellent creative and conceptual potential with media-theory, socio-cultural and economic skills.

Teaching content

The master’s course develops detailed knowledge and skills in the area of multimedia communication. The course of study focuses on dealing with research-relevant topics, professional specialisation, the fostering of individual capabilities and on project management and teaching skills. The course contents are guided both by current issues from the areas of research, society and art and by technical progress. They encourage interdisciplinary, experimental and application-oriented working. Central areas of the programme include the analysis, conceptual development, multimedia treatment, depiction and interactive presentation of complex matters. Students can suggest their own subjects and will then be actively supported by the teaching staff in implementing these. Intensive, detailed consideration of innovative game design, interactive scientific visualisation, complex VR worlds or much more – all this is possible for the master’s students. Other typical areas dealt with include digital products, interface design, virtual and augmented reality, 3D animation, simulation, visualisation, mobile applications etc. Cooperations with other universities, research bodies and partners from industry and the arts round off this course of study.

Standard duration of course

The duration of your master’s course is dependent on its type and contents and also on the duration of the preceding completed course or the ECTS points achieved in the preceding course; the duration is generally between two and four semesters.

Course of study

The two-semester master’s course can be taken after an eight-semester B.A. has been completed. The focus here is on a comprehensive master’s thesis on an individual design topic. The four-semester master’s course offers students conceptual project studies in the first two semesters; a study programme oriented towards individual focal areas can be assembled here from various elective choices. The course of study is completed by a master’s thesis.


The master’s course in Multimedia Design is aimed at graduates of artistic/design courses with solid fundamental knowledge in the area of multimedia applications and at freelance or permanently employed designers and artists with a professional qualification such as a ‘Diplom’ or B.A. who are working in media. If outstanding artistic/design ability can be demonstrated, graduates of other courses may also be considered.


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Brief information

  • Subject-specific project
  • Development of individual profile
  • Work on the student’s own design projects or selection from a range of options
  • Supplemented by course elements in theoretical elements and art and design studies
  • Duration: Two, three or four semesters
  • Degree awarded after one-semester master’s thesis

Standard duration of course

2 to 4 semesters, master’s thesis in last semester


There are no university fees

Application information

Information for course applicants

Regulations and study plans

PDFs avaible only in German

Master-Regulations ( 2017)
Master-STuy_Plan ab ws 2017/18 (PDF)