History of Design and Architecture

Dr. Veronica Biermann, Professor for History of Design and Architecture
Campus Design, Villa Annex, Room 003, T +49 (0) 345 7751 884, biermann(at)  burg-halle.  de

Designers and architects must possess solid historical and methodological knowledge for their work – not just to stop them unnecessarily investing time in problems that have already been solved, but also so that they can pinpoint, analyse and better evaluate the current state of the art. After all, designs rarely result from a tabula rasa; instead, they arise in the context of needs with associated recent or more long-term developments and existing solutions for which innovative adaptations have to be sought. In the bachelor’s courses, the History of Design and Architecture imparts and develops detailed historical knowledge of the relevant design disciplines in lectures, seminars, excursions and projects. It also stimulates a critical awareness of one’s own work.