BURGChat is a data protective open source solution that is hosted by the Rechenzentrum.

Credits: Nora Prinz

BURG runs its own Rocket.chat server at https://chat.burg-halle.de to support internal communication. 

What is it for?
As an alternative to WhatsApp and other messengers, BURG.chat can serve as a standardised and secure communication tool for agreements, organisation and chat. Users can join channels or create their own. It is also possible to create group chats.

For whom?
For all BURG members who are registered in the BURG Box.

How does it work?
User authentification and login happens via the BURG Box. The Rocket.Chat desktop apps for Windows, macOS and Linux can be downloaded  here. Rocket.Chat mobile apps for Android and iOS are available on Google Play and in the App Store. For further help, please refer to the documentation

  • Tip:
    The best way to use Burg.chat on the web is via the Chrome web browsers Google Chrome and Chromania